Hot Stone & Deep Tissue Massage on Salt Spring Island

Conveniently located ten minutes from Ganges, Salt Spring Massage Studio offers personalized, effective massage on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada, that focuses on obtaining lasting results for a variety of health challenges.

Kathryn offers Deep Tissue or Hot Stone relaxation massage sessions utilizing herbal-infused oils she has created especially for her practise along with Chinese running cups that loosen banded muscle fibres and break down constrictions in the fascia and connective tissues.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue is a penetrating massage technique applied to the origin and insertion points of individual muscles, ligaments and tendons to break down scar tissue from injuries and postural misalignment. Once developed scar tissue acts as a net that catches lactic and uric acids produced in muscle metabolism, which go on to form crystalline structures that cause pain and restrict the range of motion of both muscles and joints. Deep tissue massage is ideal for chronic pain and muscular injuries in the back, neck and skeletal muscles, especially when combined with a TCM vacuum cupping kit that loosens banded muscle fibres and breaks down constrictions in the fascia.

Deep Tissue massage is best when completed in a weekly series of three to six treatments in conjunction with simple, effective and inexpensive home remedies such as castor oil packs to restore proper fascia and muscle function. Please note that all deep tissue sessions are adapted to your pain threshold and comfort level.

Deep Tissue massage offers excellent results for athletes, labourers and specific conditions such as:

* chronic pain and muscle tension

* recovery from injuries, such as whiplash and sports or work-related injuries

* repetitive strain injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis

* postural problems and limited mobility

* osteoarthritic conditions

Hot Stone Relaxation Massage

The power of human touch is well documented for its abilities to calm, soothe and heal both the body and psyche. Relaxation massage provides numerous benefits, including relieving muscular tension and spasms, reducing stress hormone production and increasing the activity of vagus nerve (which slows down the entire nervous system).

This full-body, hot stone massage makes use of basalt rocks and herbal-infused oils to melt away physical and mental stress. Basalt rocks offer maximum heat retention and release muscle tension more quickly than traditional, Swedish techniques. Smooth, hot stones and warm, herbal oils glide over your body, radiating a heat deep into your muscles that leaves you feeling totally relaxed!

Hot stone relaxation massage is ideal for:

* back and muscle pain
* circulatory problems
* stress, tension and anxiety
* insomnia
* depression


Please note that massage is not recommended in the following circumstances:

* infectious skin diseases, rashes or open wounds
* bruises, inflamed skin, tumours, hernia or recent fractures
* immediately after surgery
* immediately after chemotherapy or radiation unless recommended by your doctor
* individuals prone to blood clots, which could become dislodged during a session
* individuals with osteoporosis should consult their doctor before having a massage
* individuals with heart disease should consult their doctor before having a massage
* pregnant women should only receive massage by therapists certified in pregnancy massage

Additional Tips

* don’t eat a heavy meal before receiving your massage.
* always speak up if the pressure is too deep or the stones are too warm.
* drink several glasses of water after your massage to help flush lactic and uric acids out of the
* have a warm, epsom salt bath the night of your session to assist with any more soreness that may arise the following day.


My husband and I have received deep tissue massage from Kathryn with great results. My husband had a shoulder injury 20+ years ago that has always given him trouble and had been getting progressively worse (even with regular physio and massage), but after hearing about Kathryn through word-of-mouth and how she had fixed a friend’s shoulder injury, we decided to give her a try. She has completely freed up his shoulder and drastically reduced the pain and numbness he was experiencing, and it seems like every week they are making more and more progress. He finds the massage so relaxing he has a hard time staying awake for more than ten minutes! He feels as if he has been given a new lease on life with that arm, as he had basically resigned to the fact that it was only manageable and not “fixable.”

I started using Kathryn during my pregnancy and she was able to keep the hip pain I had been experiencing at a comfortable and very manageable level. I was able to stay very active right up until giving birth and my postpartum recovery was exceptionally quick. I was able to return to my usual level of activity within just a couple of weeks after delivery and I know Kathryn played a huge part in this. I highly recommend her to anyone thinking of becoming pregnant (or already is!) as part of your pre- and post-pregnancy recovery plan! Thanks Kathryn!

Cat and Jason Fraser

I came to Kathryn after suffering an injury, which consequently turned into a frozen shoulder. I started with the common practises of the medical route: for five months I received chiropractic care (which aggravated the problem further), along with physio and registered massage therapy. Although the later two treatments helped to a degree, I did not feel the progress was going as quickly as it should after having spent $4,000, so I turned to a cortisone injection for the inflammation as I was in extreme pain. I was then fortunate to be offered Kathryn’s services, which helped from the very first session as painful as it was. With Kathryn’s amazing care, the soft tissue massage, hot stones and chinese suction cups, the herbal oils, the use of castor oil packs and extra advice on supplements and diet, I made progress in leaps and bounds in less than 90 days. I now have most of my mobility back after more than a year, with great thanks to Kathryn!

N. Fraser

I can’t begin to express how much Kathryn has helped me. I was incapacitated with shoulder, upper back and neck pain for over six months before coming to her for deep tissue massage. Her healing hands, hot stones, cupping and herbal-infused oils made a tremendous difference—I could feel it after the very first massage. The castor oil packs and supplements she recommended also played a big role in my recovery. Kathryn is very knowledgeable, experienced and truly gifted, and I feel extremely grateful to have found her here on Salt Spring!

Thanks again, Jane Tucker

If you want to feel amazing fast and learn how to stay that way, go see Kathryn at Salt Spring Massage Studio. I had a few chronic issues with my hips and shoulders,  but between learning some simple home remedies, Kathryn’s magic healing hands and her herbal oils, we moved a lot of pain in those areas. I definitely feel much better and learned so much about what I can do for myself in the process. Congratulations on your oils Kathryn – they really need to be out there!

Sincerely,  Dawna Masters

Hi Kathryn –  Thank you for your intuitive and effective work. I have had more than my fair share of accidents, between cars, motorbikes and falls, and was not always as kind to my body as I am now. I was reluctant in the past to have bodywork done because it has been quite painful and, even though I did not tell you, you zoned in to the areas and released tension that I have stored for decades. My flexibility has increased, I am sleeping better, I am more relaxed and your work on my abdomen has been a huge help with a hernia I have had for years. I must also say that the infused oils you make are incredible. I have tried two different infusions, which were both great,  and I plan on buying a couple of types for home use. We are lucky to have you on the island!

Thanks so much,  Brian Taylor

Before i met Kathryn i was in constant, lower back pain from sciatica, which diminished my energy and made it difficult to do anything from raking leaves, doing yoga and even walking. I tried everything i could to find some relief, but had become resigned to living in pain and discomfort. I felt instinctively that i needed traction in my lower back and that somehow my lower vertebrae had been compacted. I told Kathryn that my lower back was almost always sore and that i had a pain shooting down the back of my leg and into my toes which sometimes felt numb. She was the only healer who really listened to me and acted effectively upon what she was hearing. Kathryn’s intuitive, healing hands and her deep tissue massages were able to loosen and relax the surrounding muscles, tendons, ligaments in my lower back, as well as break up old scar tissue, probably going back to my childhood and/or teenage days. Meeting her was a real turning point for my health! After several sessions, she managed to loosen the lower vertebra enough so that the sciatic nerve was freed. Quite suddenly i felt a loosening and then a warm rush or pulse in my lower back, as the circulation returned to that area and my pain was gone, the feeling of tightness and compression, gone! It has never come back and it’s 10 years later; i’m so grateful words can not even express. Since then i have witnessed Kathryn help many others, always with an open heart, pure intent and a sensible, balanced and highly effective approach to healing.

Sincerely, Kenneth Fersht, multimedia artist/musician/mariner

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